Christ Church is committed to creating a safe environment for all parishioners of all ages.  Therefore, Safe Church Training is a priority for all of our staff and volunteers.

Quick Information:
Our Safe Church Minister is:
Barbara Armstrong

Our Rector/Priest is:
Mark Pendleton
phone: 603-772-3332 ext. 11 or 860-490-8544

Our Senior Warden is:
Kevin Sorber,

Important Links
Safe Church Policy – Diocese of New Hampshire, May 2015
A Letter from the Bishop
Diocese of New Hampshire – Safe Church Training Website

Who should be trained…
If you are Clergy, a Warden, Lay Employee, Eucharistic or Pastoral Visitor, Stephen Minister, EfM Mentor, regular Sunday School Teacher, Nursery care-giver,  a Volunteer for Seacoast Family Promise (IHN), or a Volunteer who regularly works with our children or youth, you ARE REQUIRED to complete Safe Church training offered by the Diocese of New Hampshire.

What the training is like…
Anyone requiring refresher training is required to take the new Initial Safe Church Program and then refresher training in three years; the training has incorporated an on-line component which must be completed before the classroom initial training. The following background checks are now required. Please return these forms to the Rector in a sealed envelope.
NH Criminal Record Release Form
NH DMV Records Release Form

If you are having trouble filling out these forms, please consult these Sample Forms which provides examples for each form.

How to get trained…
In order to access the on-line program, you must contact the Safe Church Minister, Barbara Armstrong (772-3082 /, for your user ID and password and to be registered for the program. Please fill out THIS REGISTRATION FORM and email it to Barbara Armstrong who will then be able to provide you with the information needed to begin the on-line portion of the training. When you complete the on-line session, you must print out your certificate. You will not be admitted to the training session without your certificate.  When you plan to attend an in-person training session you must register for the training no later than the Monday before the training.  You can now register yourself for the training by visiting the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire’s Safe Church Webpage and clicking on the location of the training you would like to attend. After clicking on the location, you will be taken to a new page where you can register for the training session.

Don’t forget about the Background Checks above. Please fill out those forms and return them to the Rector in a signed envelope.

Schedule of Trainings

Please visit the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire’s Safe Church Page to register for a training.

Refresher Training is required every 3 years – Anyone in need of refresher training is asked to take the new Initial Safe Church Training