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Youth Mission Trip to Cuba in April 2019

Christ Church took a youth-focused trip during public school break in April 2019 to our companion parish in Cardenas, Cuba. We flew from Boston to Miami on the evening of Easter Day, April 21 and then to Cuba the following morning. We joined our companion parish for Sunday services on April 28 and then flew home Monday, April 29.

The group was able to take down a water filtration system and spare parts for the other water systems already brought down to Cuba. The Exeter Rotary Club also contributed towards maintaining the water systems that the club installed in 2016. Over-the-counter medicines were transported, many of which were donated by church members.

The bishop of NH, The Right Rev. Robert Hirschfeld joined the group and was able to meet Bishop Griselda Delgado del Carpio of Cuba, see video below. 




Video testimonials of a few of those that traveled to Cuba Easter week. 

Morgan McCay

Bishop Rob Hirschfeld

Tess and Eva Hays

Hurricane Recovery funds reached Cuba:  What follows is an update from Fr. Leandro who lives in the one of the hardest hit areas on the northern coast.  Christ Church was able to send $800 to him the week after the hurricane from our special Sunday offering. 

“The recovery of our people is very slow, even the electricity service has not stabilized and there is much destruction, lack of resources and some in the church who have lost everything. The roof of the church of Esmeralda had serious damages which we will repair little by little when we find the necessary funds.. We have had a special celebration of thanksgiving for life and I have told the congregation that we must be a light of hope, faith and charity in the midst of the disaster, the desperation and sadness that most people believe that is our fundamental mission as a church now. Our church has given a strong and good testimony of help and solidarity in the midst of disaster and that is the result of a great impact and recognition in the community thanks to God and to you for your generosity and great support. Here I send you pictures of the things we bought and distributed with the money you sent. We remain united in brotherhood and prayer.” LEANDRO.


Companion Parish Relationship with Cuba

On September 14, 2015 the Vestry approved a companion parish relationship with Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís (St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church) in Cardenas, Cuba for the next three years.

Our companion parish in Cuba. Deepening their faith.

Christ Church members, along with Bishop Rob, were able to attend a worship service while visiting Cardenas on April 29, 2019. The video shows both the Bishop of NH and Rector Mark Pendleton processing at the start of the service. 

 “Foto del primer grupo de graduados de la Clase 101 “Descubriendo mi membresí”

Translation: Photo from the first group of class 101 graduates “Discovering my membership”




Cuban Companion Parish 2016

April 2016: Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís (St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church) in Cardenas, Cuba

A Worship service in our Companion Parish in Cuba

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St Francis in Cuba

How to Install a Water Purification System in Cuba – Notes from the March 2015 Mission Trip

As a reference for future mission trips to Cuba, here are the “how we did it” notes from our March 2015 trip: