Christ Church hosted a  Cuba Night on Saturday, October 13, 2018. The evening  included an authentic Cuban Pig Roast, tended by the Reverend Mark Pendleton, as well as traditional Cuban fare, fellowship and education. The evenings proceeds benefited our companion parish in Cardenas, Cuba.




Lydia Pendleton, daughter of Mark and Leslie, has been chosen to participate in Young Adult Service Corp for the 2018-2019 placement in Puerto Rico, helping with disaster prevention. 

“I feel blessed that this position will allow me the opportunity to visit communities and churches throughout the island, including the islands of Vieques and Culebra where there is much recovery work to be done. It will be a true gift to build relationships with so many of our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. You can find more information on my blog, which you can also follow by email. I look forward to keeping you all updated regularly as I learn more about my role as a YASC missionary in Puerto Rico.”

“Please subscribe to my blog by email to learn more about the hurricane relief ministry REDES (Respuesta Episcopal ante Desastre) and to receive updates on my adventures in Puerto Rico.”

Thank you for everyone’s support and prayers as I begin this journey as a Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) missionary in the diocese of Puerto Rico!


Save the Date: Youth Mission Trip to Cuba April 2019

Christ Church is planning a youth focused trip during public school break in April 2019 to our companion parish in Cardenas, Cuba. Youth confirmed in 2017 and/or young people ages 16 and up would be eligible to participate. Parents are invited to travel with us as well as younger siblings, but only if accompanied a parent. Other adults in the parish are also invited to join us—the only requirement being the ability to carry one’s own luggage and have the ability to walk distances and endure warm temperatures. We expect to fly from Boston to Miami the evening of Easter Day, April 21 and then to fly to Cuba the following morning. We hope to join our companion parish for Sunday services on April 28 and then fly home Monday April 29. Students would need to secure permission to miss one day of school and, of course, make choices well in advance regarding spring sports. Estimated cost of the trip is roughly $1500 per person: we will be staying in the very simple church dorms and a nearby conference center. (Think of staying in the dorms as indoor camping.) Our goal would be to continue to make personal and lasting connections with the young people in Cuba and engage them in conversation about life and faith. As always, each traveler will transport donations such as medical supplies and water filter parts. We hope to engage in a meaningful and manageablework project during the week, while being sensitive to the awareness that foreign groups traveling to a country such as Cuba to build or paint what can be and is done by the Cubans themselves is not the ideal way to engage in mission today. The ministry of presence and openness is far more impactful in the long run.

Do express your interest with the Rector over the coming months. Fundraising in earnest would begin in the fall. Visas would have to be applied for early January 2019.

Members of our companion church in Cardenas Cuba send along their greetings to us!

Hurricane Recovery funds reached Cuba:  What follows is an update from Fr. Leandro who lives in the one of the hardest hit areas on the northern coast.  Christ Church was able to send $800 to him the week after the hurricane from our special Sunday offering. 

“The recovery of our people is very slow, even the electricity service has not stabilized and there is much destruction, lack of resources and some in the church who have lost everything. The roof of the church of Esmeralda had serious damages which we will repair little by little when we find the necessary funds.. We have had a special celebration of thanksgiving for life and I have told the congregation that we must be a light of hope, faith and charity in the midst of the disaster, the desperation and sadness that most people believe that is our fundamental mission as a church now. Our church has given a strong and good testimony of help and solidarity in the midst of disaster and that is the result of a great impact and recognition in the community thanks to God and to you for your generosity and great support. Here I send you pictures of the things we bought and distributed with the money you sent. We remain united in brotherhood and prayer.” LEANDRO.


Companion Parish Relationship with Cuba

On September 14, 2015 the Vestry approved a companion parish relationship with Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís (St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church) in Cardenas, Cuba for the next three years.

Our companion parish in Cuba. Deepening their faith.

 “Foto del primer grupo de graduados de la Clase 101 “Descubriendo mi membresí”

Translation: Photo from the first group of class 101 graduates “Discovering my membership”




Cuban Companion Parish 2016

April 2016: Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís (St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church) in Cardenas, Cuba

A Worship service in our Companion Parish in Cuba

 Cuba Nights & Trips in the News:St Francis in Cuba

How to Install a Water Purification System in Cuba – Notes from the March 2015 Mission Trip

As a reference for future mission trips to Cuba, here are the “how we did it” notes from our March 2015 trip: