Healing and Prayer at Christ Church

Christian healing through prayer and the laying on of hands has its roots in the Gospel, which tells us emphatically that Jesus healed the sick, blind and deaf, as well as spiritual disorders. Therefore, healing prayer was a central part of the early Church. Its foundation is a belief in the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives, not just in the stories of the Gospel, but right now…each and every day. Jesus calls us into community and urges us to give each other hope through healing prayer.It is with this understanding of the power of a living God to provide the healing we need in body, mind and spirit that Christ Church supports the Lay Ministers Healing Team. Several healing ministers are present at each Sunday liturgy to provide anointing with oil, laying on of hands and prayer to those who seek it, either for themselves or as intercessor for another’s needs. All are invited to come to the healing station before or after receiving communion.

Healing is a sacramental act, an outward and visible sign of the interior work of the Holy Spirit. We may not always understand how God is healing us, but we can be assured, through faith, that God is present with us and will do what is best for us…sometimes obviously and, yes, sometimes in those mysterious ways!

Our Healing Team meets regularly for study, prayer and training of new members. In May 2012, we hosted our first Healing Conference, featuring the Rev. Jack Sheffield, an Episcopal priest and internationally recognized speaker from the Christ Healing Center in San Antonio, Texas. He led us in spirited worship, accompanied by music of the St. Michael’s Praise Band. The Rev. Jack and his wife Anna Marie presented six workshops to explore and realize a deeper understanding of fundamental and advanced practices of Christian healing. The richest moments of our time together were the prayer sessions during which the Holy Spirit was a mighty Presence!

All Christians are called to healing prayer for ourselves and for each other. If you feel especially drawn to exploring this ministry, please speak to a member of the clergy.

How to request a name to be added for prayer?

 A name of parishioner, family member, colleague, neighbor or friend is added to the Sunday list when someone calls Linda Carey in the church office at 772-3332 or sends an email to office@christchurchexeter.org  

To respect privacy, only first names are read during worship. You are always welcome to pray aloud (using first and/or last names as you choose) and offer thanksgivings and prayer requests for anyone when invited by the Intercessor.

 Each month we start with a new list. Names may be kept on the Sunday prayer list by simply calling or emailing the office at the beginning of each month. As life conditions and health issues change, this will allow for a more current list.  If we do not hear from you, we will move the name to the expanded list used by the Healing Team and clergy that also includes the names of our homebound parishioners. Names of family members and friends can remain on this ongoing list for as long as prayers are needed. We ask that people requesting ongoing prayers periodically check in with Linda to allow us to know if there is any change.