Giving to the Endowment Fund

In December, 2014 the Vestry took an important step after nearly a year of study and created a new Endowment Fund and set proper gift acceptance and spending policies. The creation of these documents was important to demonstrate to all who might want to give to Christ Church that we have the proper mechanisms and safeguards to care for these donated funds well into the future.  In 2015 we received a generous $100,000 bequest from a faithful member that seeded this new fund.

The income from this new Endowment Fund will be limited to capital improvements, developing new ministries, outreach ministries and special projects.

If you are making a Will or updating financial or estate plans and you would like to support God’s work in Exeter and the wider church and community, please reach out to the Rector, Senior Warden or a member of the Endowment Board: Tom Kelsey, the Rev. William Wade, and Chrissy Dube.

Introducing the Legacy Society

Excerpts from Sermon from All Saints Sunday, 2019

The Rev. Mark Pendleton  

All Saints’ Sunday this year stands out because in the first time in the life of this parish, we have gathered all the names of those who left this living community an inheritance – a legacy — that continues to have impact through the decades.  We have named this communion of saints the Anchor Legacy Society and we have listed their names in our bulletin today and on a framed display in the entrance hall and in the Parish Hall. 

A husband and wife, Nathalie and Edmond Baylies, gave the first bequest back in 1879.   Caroline Harris of Harris House fame gave her home when we passed to be the first parish rectory.  Edward Dodd, a son of one of our rectors of the same name, was most generous in his legacy that provided for much of our recent beautiful renovations of our church and meeting spaces.  Our last gift was received just two years ago from the estate of our former Senior Warden, the one who worked with me so closely in my first few years here in Exeter, Chris Kramer.   On this day, we remember them all.  They left behind a piece of what they valued to make a difference for generations to come.   We will spend the next year gathering the of names of those of living who have also taken that step to make a plan to make a bequest or planned gift to Christ Church. 

I feel the need to say that, for me, this effort is not about institutional preservation.  We are not endowing a church museum to be around for future generations to kick around in and see what we found important and interesting.  We are making this renewed effort because we see all around us the fruits of the inheritance of those who came before us.  Christ Church in Exeter would not be as vital, as open, and as accessible without these saints.

When a parish has a Legacy Society, it is an opportunity to lift up what really matters in the long run over the course of our lives.  What are our values. Yes, some of us may give to our colleges or to Hospice or NPR or the SPCA after providing for family – all good endeavors.   And we can recognize that to be a Christian is to not to walk alone.  We are not a collection of hermits.   Christians gather.  Christians learn from one another.  Christians pray for one another.   Christians serve the world out of our what we have received.  Jesus said to the saints who were poor, hungry, who were weeping and hated and excluded, you are blessed.   And because you are so blessed: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. Do not return hate with more hate.  Give. Do to others as you would have them do to you

Use this link to enroll in the Anchor Legacy

The Anchor Legacy Society

In Memoriam

1879   Nathalie E. Baylies

1879   Edmond Lincoln Baylies

1884   Caroline E. Harris

1892   The Rev. Henry Ferguson

1905   August Belmont

1905   Walter C. Baylies

1905   J. Paul Haughton

1905   Clarissa T. Smith

1905   Eva S. Cochran

1905   Eliza Greene Waterman

1905   The Rev. Lucius Waterman

1910   The Rev. George Brinley Morgan

1945   Lucy Soule

1945   Dearborn Family

1948   Arthur G Leacock

1950   Catherine Seward

1950   Maria Gardner

1955   John C. Kirtland

1955   Anne B Leacock

1957   Laura Nelson

1963   Louise S. Towle

1990   John F. Higgins and Jeanne G. Higgins

1990   Jean Whitman Leidtker

1990   William Kurtz

1991   Margaret M. Sloan

1992   Walter E Doe

1995   John Cole and Barbara Cole

1995   Ethel P. Sanborn

1997   Edward A. Dodd

1998   Ruth Ladd

2010   James Mixter

2011   Rosemary Coffin

2012   Margery Heffron

2012   Richard and Frances Hull

2014   Helen D. Hobbs

2015   Floyd H. Parkman

2017   Christine S. Kramer

The Anchor Legacy Society includes those who have remembered Christ Church in their wills or have made provision for the church through other planned gifts.

New Members to be recognized All Saints’ Sunday, 2020.