with God and one another

Frederick Buechner once wrote, ‘The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.’  We are at a time of great energy at Christ Church and are embarking on a journey together to find our communal place in the world – the place where our deepest gladness meets the world’s deepest hunger.  We ask you to join us in this journey.

Below you will find resources and information which will help us better connect with God and each other.

Helpful Documents

Christ Church Ministry Information
List of Ministries with Contact Information

Training Resources, Links and Documents
Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices Website
Safe Church Training Information at Christ Church
Safe Church Training – Diocese of New Hampshire
Spirituality of Authentic Leaders – Devotion & Training from Aug 20 Leaders Summit

Developing Teams for Ministry Meetings

We have categorized, as best as possible, the many ministries going on at Christ Church into 6 different categories or ministry teams. Some of these teams meet at various times throughout the year to connect with one another both spiritually & on a more practical and logistical level.  Please note, this is an ever evolving list as Christ Church and her ministries adapt to the climate of the church and needs of the community.

  1. Local & Global Mission
  2. Welcoming Ministry
  3. Worship & Music
  4. Education Ministries
  5. Inreach/Caring Ministries
  6. Communications

Beginning a New Ministry

The parishioners at Christ Church have so many gifts to offer, and it is our hope that these guidelines, resources and questions found both above and below will empower you and your team.

In an effort to lift up every parishioner’s passions, gifts and dreams we ask you to engage with the information on this webpage and complete the New Ministry Questionnaire to help the Rector, Vestry, and Associate better see, understand, support and celebrate those ministries that fit within Christ Church’s vision.

We look forward to learning more about your ministry and all you hope to offer the church and wider community. Please do not hesitate to contact the Sally Farrell ( with any questions or concerns.

The Vision of Christ Church
Our vision was adopted by the vestry in April 2014 and we have been working to ensure that all ministries uphold, affirm and enable parishioners to live out the vision.

joyfully in faith

with God and one another

the local and global community

Important Aspects and Characteristics of a Ministry Team
At Christ Church we are encouraging groups of people to work as a team, realizing that every group dynamic is different and will find their own comfortable way of carrying out their ministry.  Below you will find some suggestions for best practices and we encourage you to assess how you’re performing as a team once or twice a year.

Scattering Seeds, by  Stephen Chapin Garner Author (Author),  Jerry Thornell (Contributor)
Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices Resources:

Expectations of Ministries and Ministry Representatives:

  • Fill out the New Ministry Questionnaire
  • Work with the Safe Church Minister, the Associate for Christian Formation and Parish Life & the Rector to determine if and ensure all members of your team are Safe Church Trained
  • Commit to occasional meetings with the Rector or Associate for Christian Formation and Parish Life to help the staff better understand ways in which we can support your ministry and work