Thank you for volunteering with Seacoast Family Promise.  We hope this page will be a great resource for all of our volunteers in planning each host week.   Below, you will find the host schedule, a link to the volunteer sign up document (no password necessary), throughout the host week you will be able to access a document with updates from the week.  Below, you can also find the Volunteer Handbook as well as descriptions for each volunteer position.  We value any feedback you may have for further improvements.

Volunteer Role Descriptions
Team Leader
Food Preparation
Evening Host
Overnight Host
Laundry Volunteer

Information about Seacoast Family Promise

Part of the national Family Promise organization (formerly Interfaith Hospitality Network), Seacoast Family Promise unites congregations of various faiths to assist families experiencing homelessness due to a crisis. These families are no different from you or me; they just had one too many things go wrong. When they enter the SFP program they are given hope and encouragement.

On a rotating schedule with other local churches, we turn the lower level of Harris House into a temporary home for 3 to 5 families for one week. On average, we are the host church for a total of six weeks out of the year. Volunteers from the church create a welcoming, accepting environment for our guests. Volunteers also set up the bedding, prepare and serve evening meals, visit with the participants and stay overnight with them.

While the program offers the families a safe haven and meals as they work to get back on track, they are also shown how to properly complete resumes, go through the interview process and eventually find employment. Financial advice is available and the final goal is for them to be self-sufficient, find housing and no longer need SFP assistance. Donations of clothes, furniture and household items help them to get a fresh start.

We have received so many letters from the families telling us how we made such a difference in their lives at a difficult time.

Theresa “It is a privilege to be in this program. Most places don’t have so many kind people who care about you and your family.”
Andrea “Someone told me about this program a while ago but I was worried about bringing my daughter to a shelter. Now that we are here I am very happy about the decision I made.”
Scott “Not many people will give you a second chance. Thankfully this program does that.”

Perhaps the most rewarding part of this program is to see a family accomplish their goals and leave the program, only to return as volunteers themselves to help another family who has fallen on hard times.

How can you be involved? 

  • Providing Food: Volunteers provide food by 6:00pm on one evening during a hosting week.
  • Evening Host: Volunteers spend the evening (5:30pm-8:00pm) with the guests, eating dinner with them and being the Christ Church presence to answer questions, open doors, and handle any urgent situations that may arise. Please note, Safe Church Training is required for this position.
  • Overnight Host: Volunteers spend the night with guests, arriving for duty by 8:00pm and leaving by 7:30am. Volunteers are responsible for locking and unlocking doors, and being a presence in case of an overnight emergency. Please note, Safe Church Training is required for this position.
  • Laundry Volunteers: Volunteers collect and clean dirty laundry at the end of each host week and return it clean before next host week.