If Christ Church is a living organism, stewardship provides the food and water to sustain our community by creating an organized process to provide the Church with sufficient resources to support our mission and goals.

Our giving program takes place all year, but is particularly apparent during the Fall with our pledge drive.  This drive is designed to generate a sustainable amount of revenue to support the church budget for the next fiscal year and is managed by the Stewardship Committee.    

The Stewardship Committee also supports the work of the Rector and Vestry in shaping the ongoing “Planned Giving Process” as well as efforts to encourage parishioners to share their time and talents. Members typically meet formally about 3 – 4 times per year, for about an hour for each meeting, consult periodically via email and agree to send a few emails (10 or less) to fellow parishioners during the campaign.  All parishioners are welcome to participate in our efforts in this area of the church.