Sunday School Programs for 2016 – 2017


Childcare is available in our Nursery / Toddler area, found in Harris Hall, with our two person staff on Sundays from Labor day to Memorial day between 9:15 AM – 11:45AM for children ages 18 months to 3 years old.

Pre-K – 6th Grade

For the 2016-2017 program year, we will continue with Year 3 of Weaving God’s Promises. Following the typical flow of a Eucharist service, Sunday school will include storytelling, workshops, activities and crafts, prayers, and snacks. While all Pre-K – 6th Graders will begin and end together with prayers in Harris Hall, they will split into two groups for storytelling, activities and snack. All children will remain in Harris Hall, using various areas of the room for their groups with their Sunday school leaders.

More so than ever before, we hope that this program will provide a formational experience for both parents and children.  Therefore, parents are invited and encouraged to stick around during Sunday school and listen, help and support the children as they grow in faith as often as possible. Each week, parents and children will have the opportunity to take home the next Sunday’s lesson.  While the children take home the story, the parent information is geared toward helping adults put the next week’s story in its historical context and connect the story to the Anglican tradition and to everyday life.

Pre-K- 3rd Grades: Weaving God’s Promises

Weaving God’s Promises for Children is a comprehensive, three-year Christian education program developed and written exclusively for the Episcopal Church.  A brief introduction:

“Throughout this church school curriculum, we hope to foster the spiritual formation and growth of our children in Christ’s love and mercy, to teach the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation, and to send our children out into the world as Christ’s ambassadors.”

– Background for Teachers, pg 7

This year’s theme is Year Three: Weaving God’s Beloved Community

How we are called by God to live in loving community with one another and fulfill God’s promises for us in the healing of all creation.

We are called by God to live as One Body in Christ, loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Each week the children will focus on the Gospel of Luke, with emphasis on our holy calling to care for others and the gospel values of welcome, inclusion, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, justice, and liberation.

For more information on Weaving God’s Promises, you can visit our Sunday school webpage on the website or


 4th-6th Grades: Building a Faith Brick by Brick

Kevin Sorber has agreed to lead a new program here at Christ Church with our 4-6th graders. We will begin to use the “Building Faith Brick by Brick”. It is a hand on way to explore the faith stories for the older children in Sunday school.

It was a program developed knowing how much Lego bricks continue to be popular. It offers the methodology as well as Old and New Testament stories for the children, not to mention a fun way to learn more about the Bible and strengthen our faith.

Building Faith Brick by Brick is a dynamic and palpable approach for children to encounter stories of faith in a rich new way. This acclaimed hands-on method of Christian Formation invites children’s imaginations to take flight, and when this happens, the stories soon become real…block by block.    —Roger Hutchison Canon for Children’s Ministries at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, SC and author of The Painting Table; A Journal of Loss and Joy


Middle School

During confirmation years (2016-2017) many of our Middle School students will be primarily involved in classes throughout the year leading to the decision to get confirmed in May, 2017.

High School Sunday School

Christ Church is fully aware of the many academic, sports and job related expectations and pressures placed on high school youth today and we know that these pressures sometimes mean youth cannot be at Church on Sunday mornings.

In addition to singing in our parish choir and serving as acolytes, we encourage high school age students to attend church with their parents and join us for occasional trips and other activities

General Outline for Sundays:

9:30 – Opening Prayers & Sentences
9:35- Break into groups for storytelling and lesson review
9:50 – Activity/Workshop
10:15 – Prayers, Peace & Snack
10:20– Closing Prayers & Dismissal

Parent & Volunteer Participation

Children and youth ministry is an integral part of our parish community, one that the whole parish is invited to cherish, uphold and energize.  Christ Church is full of gifted members whose experiences, thoughts and talents can help these children and youth in their journey of faith. As already noted, parents who are not already volunteering as a Sunday School leader are invited and encouraged to stick around during Sunday School and listen, help and support the children as they grow in faith as often as possible.

Sunday School Volunteer Position Descriptions:

Pre-K – 3rd Grade Leader:
Leaders are asked to be present for the entire Sunday School hour to help facilitate prayers, storytelling, crafts & activities. Prior to each Sunday, the Ministry Assistant will email out the lesson with any important details for the given lesson. Please note, the lessons will always be available through the online Weaving God’s Promises link found on the Sunday School webpage. All supplies for crafts and activities will be provided for you on Sunday morning. We ask that you review the week’s lesson and materials prior to Sunday in order to better help the children connect the week’s craft or activity with the given lesson. Please note, all volunteers who support the Sunday School Program must complete Safe Church Training


4th-6th Grade Leaders and Helpers:
Leaders/helpers are asked to be present for the entire Sunday School hour to help facilitate prayers, storytelling, activity. The hour will include a review of the lesson and then an ongoing hands-on project that the children will work together to complete.  In order to be in compliance with Safe Church policy, we are in need of volunteers to spend the hour with the 4th-6th graders.  Volunteers are invited to be as involved and hands on as they would like to be, though it is not necessary. Please note, all volunteers who support the Sunday School Program must complete Safe Church Training.