Sermon-Pete-1-021708-600x400During the regular church year, on the 4th Sunday of the month, children of all ages are treated to their very own homily during the 10:30 service. Sermon-Pete-3-021708-600x400This practice began a few years ago as an effort to reinforce the Gospel message to our youngest audience. The theme is always very basic and typically repeated, but with a twist from month to month. It’s designed to entertain at the youngest levels through participation in front of the entire congregation; but be forewarned, you never know which small twists and turns the children will throw out there as they are queried on what is meaningful to them and their own faith. It usually starts with a giggle up front and many times ends with a roar of laughter in the pews. The message though seems to resonate and is reinforced with all ages alike by the time the youngest are ushered to their own chapel service after the homily and the adult sermon begins.