Faith Formation for Children and Youth

What does Christian Formation look like at Christ Church?

We are so excited to welcome you and your children to a fun, grace-filled year of growing in faith. The fall season begins on Labor Day weekend at the 10 am service.

You as parents and caregivers are the most important people in the faith life of your child! We are here to support you as continue this journey of faith with your children.

WHEN: Each Sunday Morning at the 10:00 am service. (There are a few exceptions to the chapel service. You will be notified in the weekly news.)

WHERE: Bring your children to the chapel just inside the Narthex (lobby) of the church) The children are returned to the church at the passing of the Peace. They are then able to receive communion with their families.

WHY: Our mission is to create a place where children feel welcome, have fun learning about God, and enjoy contributing to our Christian community.

WHAT: Our goal is to introduce scripture stories in an intriguing way that encourages children to use their imagination and think independently. We want them to learn the fundamental stories of our faith that best illustrate and proclaim the message of God’s love and how to live out our Baptismal Covenant.

HOW: Each child is welcomed! We open with a prayer of thanks and share our thoughts of the week. Each week we create Bible lessons based on the lectionary readings. This offers parents a wonderful way to connect with children and talk to them after chapel about the lessons. Each child has an opportunity to touch the story through a variety of activities. Finally, we gather for a closing prayer and our own passing of the Peace.

WHO: All children ages 3 and up are welcome!

Lastly, this cannot be done alone: Should God lead you to our Chapel, I invite you to join us and be a part of it and hope you will find a way to assist in our goals to grow, develop, and be loved.

“When life is at its toughest, God uses us to encourage and come alongside others. He always uses our study of His Word to enrich and strengthen our lives.”

Welcome Chapel

Welcome Chapel is an adaptive chapel time for special needs during the 10:00 am service. It meets in a classroom downstairs in Harris House. After a special time of fun and interactive Christian community, they return to the sanctuary during Peace to celebrate Eucharist.

Recently, our childcare leaders, Nancy and Irene, have been taking the children to the Welcome Chapel room to enjoy the lessons being done by Ali Watt and joining her daughter Alexa. It’s been a wonderful time of formation and fellowship for the group.


 Please contact Ali Watt to learn more about this wonderful ministry.