Family Worship Resources for Home

(See our church "Worship Page" for updated service information)


Chapel talks are offered through Zoom with a link sent out every week.

Here is the format we offer for families worshipping at home:

Begin by finding a time when everyone can sit together, preferably in a circle. 

  • Gather all the members of your household who plan to participate in one place. Get comfortable! Maybe sit on the floor or on cushions. Maybe sit in a circle. Take a moment to pause and breathe together.
  • Think about adding a candle to your service, inviting God into your space.
  • Invite a member of the household to lead the gathering prayer. Read line by line, with the rest of the household repeating back to them.

Repeat after me.

Dear God,

Thank you SO much

For bringing us to this time and place.

Please be with us

As we listen, pray, and learn.

And help us remember that,

No matter what,

You will always love us.