You may securely make a one-time or a recurring donation to Christ Church, Exeter. All major credit cards and direct bank transfers are supported for your convenience.

You will be given the option to pay the 2.75% processing fee, which will save the church valuable funds that we can use to support our mission and ministry.

Why should I give financially to Christ Church?

Why should I give financially to Christ Church?

Giving is a central Christian practice.  Christian stewardship is everything we do after we say we believe. This includes what we do with our financial resources. We return to God a portion of what we have received, recognizing that all we are and all we have is a gift from God. The Biblical portion is a tithe (10%) of our income. You can choose whatever percentage makes the most sense for you.

Giving supports the Christ Church community.  

We are created in the image of God to be co-creators of our community of faith. We each bear a responsibility to ensure that Christ Church remains vital and strong. Pledging is the primary way we fund our ministries. Full participation is essential for Christ Church to re-create itself into a new commons for a new century.

Giving helps other people in need. 

We bear a responsibility for the world around us. What we pledge supports people and organizations beyond Christ Church: through the work of the clergy and staff, through the use of our building, and through the outreach ministries, we support.

Giving focuses on our priorities. 

Jesus calls us to focus on giving ourselves to the things that matter. Many of us lead very busy lives. Yet so much of what we do may not be central to who we are. What matters to you? If Christ Church is on that list, fill out a pledge form and support the community.

How much should I give?

Only you know what you can give. The dollar amount is not the most important detail of your pledge. We want you to participate. We want you to do the best you can. We understand that we live in uncertain economic times. In the past, our annual pledges range from $52 to $18,200. You can give less, more, or something in between. What we’re hoping for is full participation. Pledge the best you can, but please pledge something.

How To Give

There are five ways to give and/or make a pledge.

1. Set up an ePledge through a partnership between the treasurer and your bank. Your pledge payments will be auto-deducted from your account at a schedule that you specify.

E-pledge-form 2020

2. Use our secure online form to enter your pledge.

Go to Online Pledge Form

3. Download a traditional pledge form, 


4. Give with a Text using your smartphone

Simply text the word  Give with the amount (e.g.  Give 100) to  (207) 401 5449.

5. Contact the church office for a form and mail the form to:





Planned Giving and Endowment

Giving to the Endowment Fund

In December 2014 the Vestry took an important step after nearly a year of study and created a new Endowment Fund and set proper gift acceptance and spending policies. The creation of these documents was important to demonstrate to all who might want to give to Christ Church that we have the proper mechanisms and safeguards to care for these donated funds well into the future. In 2015 we received a generous $100,000 from a faithful member that seeded this new fund. 

The income from this new Endowment Fund will be limited to capital improvements, developing new ministries, outreach ministries, and special projects. 

If you are making a Will or updating financial or estate plans and you would like to support God’s work in Exeter and the wider church and community, please reach out to the Rector, Senior Warden or a member of the Endowment Board: Tom Kelsey, the Rev. William Wade, and Chrissy Dube. 

Donating Stock and Mutual Funds

Thank you for your interest in supporting Christ Church. To help you facilitate a gift of stock, please use the following three simple steps:

Step 1: Initiate the Stock Transfer

Securities can be gifted to Christ Church in two ways: either via electronic transfer (in which your broker transfers shares using the Christ Church Edward Jones Account Number) or by physically mailing the paper certificates to Christ Church. Either method is acceptable, but it is necessary for you to contact your broker to initiate the transfer.

Step 2: Send the Securities Edward Jones.

If you have any questions, please call Nancy G. Andrew 603 926-0727

If Sending by Registered Mail

Mail your UNENDORSED certificate(s) with a Stock Power Form, and a Stock Waiver Form in separate envelopes, by registered mail, to:

Nancy G Andrews, Financial Advisor

Edward Jones

448 Lafayette Road

PO Box 667

Hampton, NH 03843

NOTE: Certificates already registered in the name of Christ Church do not require either the stock waiver or stock power for execution of the transfer.

Step 3. Notify Christ Church

Each time a gift of stock is donated, regardless of the method chosen to deliver a gift of stock, information about the gift for audit and acknowledgment purposes is needed. Please email with the following information at the time of transfer:

Donor’s full name and complete address

Date of the transfer

Altar Flowers

The Flower Sign Up

The Flower Sign up hangs in the Narthex, or entry hall of the church. Please add your name to a given Sunday or contact the office. The cost for the flowers is $45.00, and checks may be made out to Christ Church. Please put “Altar Flowers” in the memo section of your check, and email Darla Watt or call at 772-3332 to let her know how you would like it worded in the bulletin (no later than the Wednesday before). More than one family may share flowers each week. Thank you.