Joining Christ Church

How to Become a Member

Membership in the Episcopal Church comes through Baptism and Confirmation. Baptism is offered at least four times per year. Confirmation, which coincides with a visitation from our Bishop, occurs once every two years. Regional confirmations are also available throughout the year.

An Inquirer’s Class for those who wish to learn more about the church and membership is offered each year. Persons interested in membership are encouraged to attend this class and may also contact the Rector to discuss membership and other questions on a more personal basis.


Any person baptized in the parish is considered a baptized member.

Transferring Membership:

Any person who is a parishioner in another Episcopal Church who wishes to become a member of the Christ Church may do so by requesting a letter of transfer from their previous parish. If asked, the Executive Assistant in the parish office can help with this request.

Any person who is a member of another church in communion with the Episcopal Church (for example, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) and who wishes to become a member of the Christ Church may do so by requesting transfer of membership from their previous congregation.

Any person who wishes to become a member of the Christ Church and is not a parishioner in either another Episcopal Church or in a church in communion with the Episcopal Church may establish membership by having proof of their baptism recorded with the parish office. Please call the office or speak with the Rector about how to do this.

Download the form to register baptism HERE.

Membership at Christ Church ends either with the death of a parishioner or with the transfer of a parishioner to another congregation. Inactive members are those who have not participated in the life of the congregation in recent years.

Members, also known as communicants, are considered active members, or communicants in good standing, if they have been faithful in corporate worship and faithful in working, praying, and giving in the past year. Adult communicants are those sixteen years of age and over.

Reception and Confirmation

The Episcopal Church recognizes all baptized with water and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as members of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Those whose baptisms have been registered in the Episcopal Church are considered baptized members. Upon reaching 16 years of age, baptized members are considered adult members.

A person seeking to join the Episcopal Church from another Christian church, if that person has been baptized with water and in the name of the Trinity, may become a baptized member of the Episcopal Church by having their baptism duly recorded in this church.

It is expected that all adult members of the Episcopal Church will be confirmed or received at some point.

Baptized persons who have received the laying-on of hands at Confirmation by a Bishop in apostolic succession should be considered baptized and confirmed and may therefore be received by a Bishop in this church [Title I, Canon 17, Section 1(d)]. “Bishops in apostolic succession” includes the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church.

Baptized persons who have been confirmed or received by Bishops in communion with this church should be received, not confirmed [Title I, Canon 17, Section 1(c)].

Baptized persons may also be received by laying-on of hands of a Bishop rather than being confirmed, if such persons have previously made adult affirmations of faith in their own traditions [Title I, Canon 17, Section 1(c)]. Baptized persons who have not made such adult affirmations in their own traditions may be confirmed in this church. The decision for confirmation or reception is a pastoral one, to be made by the Bishop in consultation with the person’s priest.