During the school year, at the 10 am service, children (4 years and older) and youth are invited to go directly to the chapel while their parents go into the sanctuary. The two services will be very similar as we will utilize a model in which the content of the learning program is the Sunday scripture readings. All age levels explore at least one common Bible reading each week, making it possible for family members to discuss their discoveries at home. This creates a wonderful church/home connection.

Here are some of the benefits to your children attending the weekly chapel service:

Development of a personal, growing faith together

Support of positive peer relationships

Education on the tenets and beliefs of the Christian faith

Ways to store the words of the Bible in their hearts

Tools to deal with real life from a Christian perspective

Great opportunities to serve others and to be leaders in the worship service

Older children can be readers and if interested can write a simple story to go with the readings of the day.Children can act as greeters and as acolytes to light candles.

Our youngest participants will love ringing our prayer bowl!

The mixed ages will allow the young to learn from the older and vice versa. It also provides a wonderful family feel to the service, much like what is happening in the bigger sanctuary.

Everyone returns to the church during the Peace to sit with their families for the Eucharist. We encourage all baptized children to receive Holy Communion and ask parents to bring infants and toddlers to the altar rail to receive either Communion or a blessing.