Vestry Members

Christ Church has a 9-member Vestry, and an Executive Committee made up of the Rector, the Senior and Junior Wardens, the Clerk of the Vestry, and the Treasurer. Wardens are elected every other year with a 2 term maximum. The Clerk and Treasurer are elected each year. Vestry members are elected for 3-year terms, on a rotating basis so that only 3 vestry members are new each year. Vestry meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, taking August off.

The Vestry members were finally able to meet in person for their May meeting.

As of our 2022 Annual Meeting, our current representation on the Executive Committee includes:
  • Rector – The Rev. Mark Pendleton
  • Sr. Warden – Patricia Gianotti
  • Jr. Warden – Judy Blaisdell
  • Clerk of the Vestry – John Cofer
  • Treasurer – Dick Ingram

Other Vestry Members:

  • John Woodard
  • Alice Bentley
  • John Hodsdon
  • Jennifer Murray
  • John Cofer
  • Lauri Ayers
  • Christopher Sera
  • Susan Dixon
  • Morgan McCay

Endowment Board: Laura Tetrault, William Stafford

Diocesan Delegates: Rick Pindell, Laurel Patterson, Claudia McQueen, Gretchen McBride