Global Outreach

Companion Parish Relationship with Cuba

On September 14, 2015 the Vestry approved a companion parish relationship with Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís (St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church) in Cardenas, Cuba.  

Project Feliz Navidad Cuba

In December of 2022, Christ Church Exeter joined with other individuals and churches in the U.S. and Canada to send funds down to the island (hand carried by travelers) to provide a community Christmas meal/celebration for every parish and mission community of the Episcopal Diocese in Cuba. This project is a tangible expression of love and support of our brothers and sisters in Cuba. There are 51 parishes and mission communities receiving these funds for Christmas. We partner with the parish in Cardenas, one the the largest in the diocese. Read more about the project here.

Youth Mission Trip to Cuba in April 2019

Christ Church took a youth-focused trip during public school break in April 2019 to our companion parish in Cardenas, Cuba. We flew from Boston to Miami on the evening of Easter Day, April 21, and then to Cuba the following morning. We joined our companion parish for Sunday services on April 28 and then flew home Monday, April 29.

The group was able to take down a water filtration system and spare parts for the other water systems already brought down to Cuba. The Exeter Rotary Club also contributed towards maintaining the water systems that the club installed in 2016. Over-the-counter medicines were transported, many of which were donated by church members.

The bishop of NH, The Right Rev. Robert Hirschfeld joined the group and was able to meet Bishop Griselda Delgado del Carpio of Cuba. Watch the video below:

Cuba & Trips in the News: