Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden at Christ Church, Exeter

The Memorial Garden of Christ Church offerw a place of interment of ashes for the deceased on the consecrated grounds of the parish. This garden shall be for the use of:

  1. Members of Christ Church of Exeter
  2. The immediate family of members.
  3. Members of the Episcopal Church who have had a relationship with the parish and their immediate families.
  4. Others at the discretion of the Rector


The cost of the interment of the cremated ashes of the deceased in the common vault is $500.00. This includes the engraving of the deceased’s name on the single granite marker stone. Detailed records will be kept by Christ Church as part of its official records. The balance will be used for the maintenance of the garden under the direction of the Memorial Garden Committee, appointed by the Vestry.

Regulations pertaining to the Memorial Garden

  • All plantings shall be done by the Memorial Garden Committee
  • No artificial flowers or plants will be permitted in the garden.

Memorial Gifts

Appropriate Memorial Gifts may be designated for the garden with the advice and approval of the Memorial Garden Committee.

All regulations and fees may be amended at any time by vote of the Vestry. Applications available from the church office.