We acknowledge those faithful departed who remembered Christ Church through bequests going back to 1879 to our most recent gift in 2017. Over the next year, we will add the names of the living who have remembered the church through a planned gift.

In Memoriam

1879 Nathalie E. Baylies

1879 Edmond Lincoln Baylies

1884 Caroline E. Harris

1892 The Rev. Henry Ferguson

1905 August Belmont

1905 Walter C. Baylies

1905 J. Paul Haughton

1905 Clarissa T. Smith

1905 Eva S. Cochran

1905 Eliza Greene Waterman

1905 The Rev. Lucius Waterman

1910 The Rev. George Brinley Morgan

1945 Lucy Soule

1945 Dearborn Family

1948 Arthur G. Leacock

1950 Catherine Seward

1950 Maria Gardner

1955 John C. Kirtland

1955 Anne B. Leacock

1957 Laura Nelson

1963 Louise S. Towle

1990 John F. Higgins and Jeanne G. Higgins

1990 Jean Whitman Leidtker

1990 William Kurtz

1991 Margaret M. Sloan

1992 Walter E. Doe

1995 John Cole and Barbara Cole

1995 Ethel P. Sanborn

1997 Edward A. Dodd

1998 Ruth Ladd

2010 James Mixter

2011 Rosemary Coffin

2012 Margery Heffron

2012 Richard and Frances Hull

2014 Helen D. Hobbs

2015 Floyd H. Parkman

2017 Christine S. Kramer

2020 David D. Coffin 

2020 Nancy S. Dunnell  

Joined in 2020

Frederick and Diane Kollmorgen

Stephen and Patricia Gianotti

Jeff and Libby Neil 

Mark and Leslie Pendleton 

Paul and Judith Wainwright 

David L. and Susan T. Wakefield 

Gordon and Brynn Rehnborg

Laurel Patterson

The Anchor Legacy Society includes those who have remembered Christ Church in their wills or have made provision for the church through other planned gifts.